Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Geeking out!!

Well, I've been waxing nostalgic for the last week.

First off, I finally broke down and watched the movie "The Social Network" about Facebook.

Honestly, I can't believe that they made a movie about this, and haven't done any about Napster, or E-Trade, or Ebay, or Amazon, or any of the other major corporations that are out there. I mean, yes, it's a social media that has taken the country by storm, but so are all of these others that I just mentioned PLUS many, MANY more.

Then, to top it all off, we lost a serious pioneer of the industry with the passing of Steve Jobs.

This man was a serious inspiration to me and my career choice. I mean, an orphan who joined a small computer club, met a man who would meet up and build computers in their garage? That small endeavor turned into a small business that grew into Apple. Then, when all of the hype died down, Jobs was FIRED from that position, and left to create two more companies! One didn't do so well, but I'm sure you've heard of the other.. Pixar. You know that one, right? The computer animation company that did Toy Story? Yeah, Disney bought that one from Jobs for a tidy sum.

Then you come back to Apple, and they aren't doing so well. Everything is kind of stagnant and sales are dropping. They beg Jobs to come back, and within a year he's cleaned house, and the MacBook is jumping off the shelves. In one more year, the IPod is released, and history is made. The you add the IPhone and IPad, and there's enough said.

The man was a genuis the likes of which will not be seen again in my lifetime I'm sure. He was one of three men who defined my generation, and will be seriously missed.

Who are the other two? I might talk about them in a later post.

Back to Mark Zuckerberg.. Yes, his idea was brilliant. He's successful. However, I question his moral and legal ethics. I mean, in all fairness he stole an idea, and made it his own. For that, there should be a movie immortalizing what he did? I disagree. I don't like the fact that he's still making money on his endeavor and that those who DID brainstorm up the idea are left with nothing but a petty settlement for their concepts. Maybe it's because in my field of work coming up with fresh and innovative ideas is getting more difficult because of the flood of "techies" who have their homegrown ideas.. I don't know. It just tends to rub me the wrong way.

I am headed to New Mexico for a few days. Got some work to do, and am hoping to have a day or two for some sightseeing. Wish me luck!

See y'all on the flip side!


Dana said...

Have a safe trip and try to enjoy yourself a bit. New Mexico is a beautiful state!

Jormengrund said...

Dana: It's really not that bad.. I mean, yeah, when you come from Washington state in the fall and rain this is really a small slice of heaven. I mean, it's in the 80's, and I'm wearing shorts! When I left the airport in PDX it was 55 and raining.. Talk about a serious climate change!

I'm just not really looking forward to coming back now..... *sigh*