Wednesday, January 2, 2013


Well, it's the new year, but I am not going to make any kind of resolution. Why? Because even though it's a noble idea, usually it tends to set up someone for failure. I base this on the observation that folks make resolutions to change things that are major issues for them. Once they are unable to follow through with these resolutions, they feel themselves unworthy, and since they can't make those "simple" resolutions, they might as well continue on as they were beforehand..

I choose to work on myself in moderation. I don't expect to make overwhelming changes. I don't expect anything special. I just want to make sure I complete each short-term goal that I set for myself, and be satisfied with it.

I mean, I was able to do this these last two years while in classes. I graduated on the 21st of this year with honors, and voted by the faculty as one of the top 5% of the graduating class. I personally felt that I didn't do as good of a job as I could have done, but apparently what I was able to give was more than the faculty expected, and I was honored for my achievements.

Now, I'm in my Bachelor program and attempting to continue the success I have had these last two years. Juggling classes and work is getting more difficult, but I am sure that I'll be able to figure something out.

Now my main focus is on my family, my dad in particular, then classes, and work. We'll see how well I am able to manage these priorities this year.

Best wishes to you all this year!