Sunday, September 11, 2011


I recall that I got up late that morning.

I recall that my kids weren't wanting to get dressed, and that my wife wasn't wanting to travel.

I remember listening to the radio on the way to my parent's house, and hearing how something had happened in New York, that details were sketchy, but everything seemed to be under control.

I recall getting there to see my mom and dad glued to the television watching as the first tower burned, and watched firemen running into the building to try to get folks out.

I recall watching in disbelief as the second plane plunged into the second tower, and the feelings of shock and horror that someone could do this to innocent men, women and children.

I recall watching folks jump to their deaths from the buildings instead of stay inside those buildings to burn to death or be crushed under the tons of rubble.

I remember how angry I was upon learning who had claimed responsibility for the attacks, and the immensity of the operation.

I recall wondering just how many more attacks were going to happen, and how long it would take to get all the potential security leaks out of the airlines.

I recall the mass terror that gripped this nation and the racial angst that got even worse once these attacks happened.

Now? I see a nation that was seriously divided that has come together more, and has been more focused than it had ever been before.

I see a nation who refused to lay down and give up.

I see.... HOPE.

What do you remember about that day?

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