Saturday, June 13, 2009

My deepest apologies...

It occurs to me that I've been remiss, to you. My friends, my online readers, I sincerely apologize.

One of the things that I swore I'd do when I started this blog was that I would post, NO MATTER WHAT, and keep folks entertained.

However, I made that resolution to myself before things in my work and family life went haywire.

As such, I've been away FAR too long, and I've really missed the reading and comments from those of you who have been my faithful supporters.

I can't promise that I'll post often. Right now things are WAY too much in flux for me to be able to make that kind of promise.

But what I do promise is that when I get the time, you can be sure that I'll tickle these keyboard keys, and at least let you all know that I'm still here, and that the mind is still running overtime, ok?

Now, on to the real reason I'm posting:

Coming up next week, the wife and I are headed for Vegas for a few days.

Yup. Vegas. The adult playground. City of slot machines, booze, women (and men!) and gangsters..

The only real problem I can see in this trip is going to be how much time she and I actually spend together.

"How so?" you might ask. Well, here's the answer:

We're not going there alone. We're taking another couple-friend of ours along. My wife's best friend and her fiancee are coming along as well.

Don't get me wrong. I like these two. I just haven't found a happy medium for spending time with them and also spending time with my wife.

I mean, when my wife's friend is around, she tends to spend her time talking with her, gossiping with her, and watching reality TV shows. While this is going on, a remarkable change also comes over my wife, and she tends to envelop the views of her friend as well. That is when I become a lazy slob. One of those guys that is only good for going to work to help provide a bit of the paycheck, and doesn't do jack around the rest of the house.

Yeah. It blows.

Then, there's the husband. I like this guy. He actually reminds me of myself in my younger years. He's family oriented, and very personable. He loves video games.. Heck, he likes them even more than I do!

However, he's also still young enough that he wants to go out and raise hell each and every night. Me? I'm the old dog, and can't do that so much anymore. Heck, I can hardly drink to excess anymore!

Therein lies the problem:

I'm pretty sure that the wife and I will be spending some time together. However, is that time going to be painted with her nagging at me about things I should be doing, or things that I could get done when we get home, or is it actually going to be fun?

The time we spend apart is going to be interesting as well. Is he going to want to drag me off to various strip clubs? Am I going to be getting the 3rd degree from the wife about what we've done? How manageable is the wife going to be after spending a full day with her girlfriend?

Yeah, I know. Don't count the eggs until they've hatched.

Yet I'm torn.

I want to look forward to this vacation. I want to be excited about it.

But I can't also help but feel that somewhere along the line something's going to go badly, and the fallout is going to be horrendous.

Keep an eye out for me if you're in Vegas, and lay a bet down on the table! After all, it's my third trip there, and that's gotta mean something, doesn't it??

Have a great Father's Day weekend this coming week. I'll be spending it at the Blackjack tables!


Dana said...

And here I thought you were going to be another of those bloggers who just disappears one day ...

Try to keep an open mind about Vegas. Who knows, you might have the time of your life!

Hubman said...

Regardless of the potential issues that await, I've never been to Vegas so I'm jealous!

Hope you have a good time!

just a girl... said...

Vegas rocks and its what you make of it. Set some guidelines before you go to make it a better trip. Do hit the strip clubs, you are looking not touching. And have a great time.

Side Note: I love that you said tickle the keyboards, almost sounded a little dirty.

AirmanMom said...

Hoping Vegas was great.