Wednesday, January 21, 2009

All it takes are a couple of words...


Well, the wife _did_ admit that she called my to-do stuff "men's work".

However, because of that statement, I inferred about the "woman's work" stuff.

Now, this isn't to say that I expected her to _do_ any of the work I was having to do.

But sometimes the most help is an added set of hands. To hold a flashlight, or hand me a screwdriver when I can't reach it, etc..

To blatantly look at me, and tell me you're not going to even be around because it's not your job, it's mine?

Yeah, that's really what got my fur all ruffled.

But we're good now.

Isn't it amazing that there are certain key words that can set someone off?

In just one or two words, I know that I can send my wife from being a loving, caring, kissing, and happy individual into a headhunting, hating, killing, maiming machine.

Well, not all of that, but it does tend to turn her mood completely around...

The same can be said of just about anyone. There are things - words, phrases, insinuations - that tend to rub folks the wrong way.

There might be complete innocence in the uttering of this word, and it can still set off a strong reaction.

Now, this goes both ways.

Some words can take a good mood, and turn it sour.

Some words can take a bad mood, and brighten it considerably.

My hope for myself is to learn how to control these words, and to pick them very carefully.

My reason for this?

It all comes down to a simple gradeschool rhyme, but with a slight addition:

"Sticks and stones can break my bones, but words can break my heart"

Yeah. Outwardly, they don't do any damage. It's the person inside that you're killing when you use these words to cut.

Why is it that some of the "funny" stuff we watch on TV is all about one character cutting down another?

I can rattle off some of these shows: Family Guy. Married, with Children. Two and a Half Men. Seinfeld.

Yeah, some aren't running anymore, but they were wildly popular.

I know that I try to make humorous remarks, and there are times where the stuff I'm ranting and raving about here at work is really quite funny.

However, I'm doing the rant with the anger and angst of the moment, and not thinking about how the person I'm writing about would feel if they were to read the post.

Maybe this is all stemming from my talk with my daughter last night, but I'm really trying to be a good father. I want to be someone my kids will grow up to emulate.

Do I want them to grow up as sarcastic smart-assed little brats with no consideration for another person's feelings, or do I want them to be well-adjusted people who try to make sure each and every person they come into contact with enjoys their company and presence?

Yeah. I think we all would like choice #2 when we're honest with ourselves.

I'll be back to my old self eventually, but for now, thanks for reading the serious side, too!


PinkPiddyPaws said...

Here's a thought.. be happy that you have someone to fight with over "man's work / women's work" stuff.

Dating in this day and age SUCKS!

Kiss your wife, tell her you love her and be happy that you have each other. :P

Jennybean said...

Glad things are roseier today....

hope you had a nice birthday!

Dana said...

Funny you write this ...

It wasn't too long ago that your dear wife posted jokes that were very condescending to men, and I mentioned that I didn't think that jokes that were degrading to people were at all funny.

"Sour old fart" was the response ...

I don't spend my time degrading others (aren't we all bombarded with enough of that) nor do I watch shows that embrace that type of humor.