Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Well, there's news, and then there's... NEWS.

Yeah, I finally got the BAD news about my car repairs..

Can you believe that for a little economy car there is nearly $5,000 worth of repairs to be done??


I don't think all of the plastic, metal, upholstery and rubber in my car would add up to $5,000!

However, because I'm in the wrong line of work, I can now see that about 2/3 of that bill is LABOR costs. Let's get something straight here..

If I were to take my car in because I can't get a headlight to work, it would cost me about $75 to replace it in a shop.


Because it's a MINIMUM of $60 just for the mechanic to even look at it, plus $15 for the new lamp.

I've replaced headlights before. It's a 10 minute job.. TOPS.

If they're clearing $60 for a 10 minute job, that equals $300 an hour.

Yup. $300!

I need to go back to school. Trade school, that is.

That way, I can learn how to work on these computerized cars, and the fleece the unknowing consumer who buys these cars for every last cent they own!

Better yet.. I'll buy a garage, and staff it with mechanics, and just take my cut right off the top! This way, I can't be seen as the "bad guy" because I'm only paying my guys for the hard work they do in order to keep your expensive toys up and running!

This is brilliant. Now, all I need are a couple of willing *ahem* guinea pigs *ahem* investors, and I can get started!

Any takers??


Unknown said...

My hubster has become pretty good at working on our should I spend the 5K he has saved us?????
Happy New Year!

~AirmanMom returning toher blog...

Hubman said...

You know what's the worst part about paying for labor to repair your car? There are guidebooks that list the "standard" or "average" time to complete a given job. Which, of course, is what they bill you. So say you need your ball joints replaced, the book says 3 hrs, but the mechanic completes it in 2 hrs. Guess what? Yup, they're billing you the 3 hrs. THAT, in the garage owners opinion, is what makes a good mechanic- one who can bill more than he actually works.

In your case, they just add up the hrs for all of the little tasks that make up the entire job. Never mind possible overlap of tasks and associated time savings.

Hell of a way to start the new year, huh?

Jormengrund said...

AMM: I think he should take you for a nice romantic getaway, but that's just my opinion!

Hubman: Yeah. That's why I was seriously thinking about owning my own shop..

We overbill, and fix it quick, so that we get some SERIOUS cash going!

Then, when I pay the mechanics, I can only pay them an hourly wage for time spent, so the extra stuff they earn for NOT doing work goes STRAIGHT into my pocket!

Are you in with me on this? We could make MILLIONS!

*insert evil laugh here*

Anonymous said...

That is absolutely ridiculous. I don't know when it happened, but somehow this world became filled with greedy people. It's just a vicious circle -- everyone trying to get a bigger piece of the pie.

Hope my car doesn't break down. At those prices, I think I would have to get a horse and buggy instead. :)